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General Information

Triptych tours, guided by a brewe, offer a behind the scenes look at our facility including the equipment, processes, and ingredients that make Triptych beer truly unique. Each tour lasts approximately 90 minutes, includes a complimentary glass, several beer samples during the tour, and wraps up with a beer in #TheMemery's tasting room.

Tours occur several times each month, but are generally held at 1pm on Saturdays. You can reserve your spot for a tour by purchasing a ticket online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tours

What should I wear on a tour of the brewery?

Triptych is a production brewery and some hazards can be encountered during a tour. For this reason we require that all visitors wear closed toe shoes.

Can I bring kids on the tour?

Sure. No charge, but they won't get any samples :)

Where should we meet for the tour?

Check in with the bartender in the tasting room at 1703 Woodfield Drive, 5-10 minutes before your scheduled tour time.