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Branches on Branches: Version 2

Hazy Double India Pale Ale

One & Done
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January 19th, 2022

The purpose of this series of beers is to explore previous branching points and better understand their impact on where we are now. Each new version will explore tweaks we’ve made to core offerings in the past. Version 2: Hot Whirlpool explores the impact of our temperature in the whirlpool on the hop character we achieve in the final beer.

We used Nugget hops on the hot side and expecting the resulting beer to be robustly resinous and herbal, we stuck with that theme with the dry hop pairing where we loaded up on more Nugget, Columbus, Cashmere, and Citra hops. Reminiscent of our Double IPAs of yesteryear, cumulodankus clouds of lemon, grapefruit, and herb draw you into a warm embrace of black pepper and spruce while the sky rains down lightly bitter tears of nostalgia on your palate.

Version 2: Nugget hops in Hot Whirlpool

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