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The dream of what would become Triptych began as many brewery dreams do, in a homebrewer's garage...

Triptych's ownership consists of four families that have made and continue to make our vision of exploring the intersection of community and the art of beer brewing, a reality. The Benjamins, the Altstetters, the Voigtlanders, and the Amachers are committed to this dream, one beer at a time. And while we don't believe that EVERY Triptych beer will be for everyone, we hope that there is A Triptych beer for everyone.


A triptych (/'triptik/) is a set of three associated artistic works intended to be enjoyed together. In the middle ages, triptychs were one of the few ways the people could enjoy art and oftentimes, a pilgrimage was involved in seeing them. When we were deciding what we should name the brewery, we knew we wanted a name that above all emphasized the artistic aspect of brewing. Given that the brewery was built off the beaten path and that there are three main, raw ingredients used in making beer, Triptych seemed to be the perfect choice.

The Brewery


When Triptych started in 2013, we had approximately 500 square feet devoted to beer production and we brewed on a cobbled together, 3-barrel brew system into one of two, 5-barrel fermenters.

Fast forward to today and we have over 8,000 square feet devoted to the brewing process and we brew on a modern 3-vessel, 15 barrel, steam powered brew system capable of producing almost anything our brewers can dream up. At any given time, we are fermenting more than 300 barrels of up to 12 different beers in a facility that has been lovingly dubbed “The Memery”.

But stainless steel isn’t always the final destination for our brews. The Memery also houses dozens of assorted spirit barrels filled with our beer. The aging process can take between 8 and 24 months until our brewers deem them ready for blending and packaging.

Most beer leaves Triptych in a 16 ounce can, packaged on our automated canning line. We’ve produced more than 2 million cans of delicious beer, at a pace of just under 24 cans per minute.



The Crew

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Anthony Benjamin

Founder / Owner / Head Honcho
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Greg Altstetter

Owner / Director Of Soul
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James Voigtlander

Owner / Numbers, Acquisitions and Vision Guy
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Lyle Amacher

Owner / Head of Maintenance & Construction
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Mike Miller

General Manager
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Nick Rainey

Taproom Manager
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Luke Taggart

Head Brewer
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Josh Martin

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Andrew Killion

Wholesale Operations


We will never forget that we had a group of very dedicated folks who helped us from the beginning with our Kickstarter project. This page recognizes those folks to whom we extend our heartfelt thanks.