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Fleeting: Medusa

Single-Varietal DDH India Pale Ale

One & Done
Last Released On
February 16th, 2022

Our one-off single-hopped IPA series, Fleeting, returns to showcase Medusa hops, a truly unique varietal.

Medusa is unlike any hop you’ve encountered before. Native to Colorado and New Mexico, humulus lupulus neomexicanus is an entirely different species from its European cousin, humulus lupulus lupulus. This wild hop has drawn a lot of attention and is the first neomexicanus subspecies to be grown commercially. For the beer nerds and homebrewers out there, probably the most striking feature of Medusa is its multi-headed cone, which adds to the allure and mythology for this talk of the industry.

Fleeting: Medusa’s fluffy head emits a monstrous aroma of guava, followed by a legendary amount of guava & apricot flavors cutting through the head. While you are frozen gazing into this beautiful India Pale Ale, enjoy a slice of muskmelon on its creamy finish.

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Dry Hops

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