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Kernel Panic: Mosaic

A "cold" IPA aka Hoppy Lager hopped with Mosaic hops

Last Released On
August 25th, 2021

Kernel Panic is a “Cold” IPA. It’s a style that seems to have taken the Portland area by storm, so we decided we should join in on the fun. The idea is to take advantage of the bio transformation potential of lager yeast combined with a cooler fermentation, which in theory at least, should leave more thiols and other hoppy goodness more intact. For our rendition, we blended a couple of our favorite Pilsner malts together, added a generous portion of flaked maize, fermented with lager yeast and dry hopped exclusively with Mosaic hops. The result is a crispy, crispyboi with hints of corn driven sweetness to balance a Chinook powered bitterness. Mosaic hops provide this beer with a ton of guava, gooseberry, and just generally berry forward notes.

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