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Michigan Chinook

Imperial India Pale Ale

One & Done
Last Released On
January 20th, 2022

A Midwest-inspired Imperial India Pale Ale brewed using Michigan-grown Chinook hops. In our heart of hoppy hearts, a Midwest-inspired IPA is many things, but here are the highlights: a big malt backbone, a generous bittering charge, and, *brace yourselves*, some unrestrained, but well-intentioned clarity.

We layered Michigan Chinook hops on top of a very round, malt yet toasty base. The hops are a product of the unique terroir of the Michigan fruit belt and are known for a fruity aroma of pineapple. The bright rays of spiced pineapple and toast waft above a layer of cedar, pine, and juicy fruit while a well-attenuated but silky smooth mid-palate leads you to a bitter finish.

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2 out of 5