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Thiol Trip Tech: Volume 2

Double India Pale Ale

One & Done
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October 29th, 2021

Our friends at Omega Yeast and Phantasm recently added some new tricks to our Hazy IPA bag. Omega Yeast released a very sciencey yeast with a super-active enzyme that generates huge amounts of tropical passion fruit, guava, and citrus aromas. Paired with a magical Sauvignon Blanc grape skin powder from the folks at Phantasm, this beer exudes a beautiful bounty of ripe tropical juice. Super smooth like most of our beers of this nature, but with tons of grape and white wine complexity throughout.

For Volume 2, we doubled the recommended dose of Phantasm and used Galaxy, Sabro, & Citra hops. Notes of pink bubblegum, cotton candy, and white wine shine through.

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