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Smile Politely | Triptych Brewing and a decade of craft beers

Dank Meme, A Wizard is Never Late, and Backpack Full of Bees are some eccentric names of beers made by Triptych Brewing. Started by passionate home brewers in 2013, the microbrewery has produced over 470 beers — some nationally award-winning — and they have no plans to slow their frenetic pace.

Triptych is owned by four beer enthusiasts head brewer Anthony Benjamin, Lyle Amacher, Greg Altstetter, and James Voigtlander — all alumni of C-U’s BUZZ club. The brewery has a taproom in Savoy and a beer production facility just across the street called The Memery.

This year in celebration of ten years of beer, Triptych released an anniversary brew called This is Fine, inspired by the iconic namesake meme. I sat down with Triptych’s four owners and general manager Michael Miller to chat about the evolution of the business and what the next decade holds.

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