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Not Another Beer Review | Triptych Dank Meme

Triptych are that brewery from Savoy, Illinois that no one is talking about because they are a brewery from Savoy, Illinois. It’s the butthole armpit of Illinois, albeit with slightly less racism than what you’d get if you went a few clicks south. This is one of many Kickstarter breweries, but clearly one of the better executed efforts.

Dank Meme is the kid brother Pale Ale to Really Dank Meme, the brewery’s amped up New England IPA. It has been and is available in cans, and I’ve seen distro as far North as Chicago.

In terms of appearance, this dials in juicy orange juice with very little room for interpretation. The beer kicks up solid head, and the carbonation hangs around leaving ample webs of lacing. This is very much a hazy affair, and much like prison OJ, even my brightest desk lamp is unable to penetrate.

The aroma is dialed back compared to the Really Dank Meme, and drops more of that water crest malt base. I get tons of peach and guava, pretty legit mango, some shades of red papaya, sweet pineapple, banana waffers, and light grass/hemp. It’s like a Tony Magoo apparatus and channels those West Coast weed field vibes…but with more water than the West Coast has seen in the past 10 years.

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